Simple software for smart property management.

Empowering rental owners and managers to securely manage their properties- with ease, from any device.

For Landlords


If you are a passionate DIY landlord who loves managing your rental properties, Tenantcube will make property management a breeze.

For Tenants

Property Managers

Trust Tenantcube to take care of your everyday property management tasks while you can focus on retaining good tenants and developing your portfolio.

Our Customers

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Full Circle Property groups
“Tenantcube has made user experience very enjoyable and it’s going to be a game changer.”

Jordan Shaw,

Full Circle Property Groups
At we trust Tenantcube because it works best with our brand, using the most modern technologies and best practises that will raise the bar for property management across Canada.

Mathew Toussaint,

Smooth Property Management
I have enjoyed using Tenantcube, the rental application is a real upgrade from any other software. And I am hearing only good things about it from my clients who invested in rental properties as well.

Caterina Ficano,

Real Estate Agent and Property Owner
I am excited to start digital transformation in managing my own properties with Tenantcube. I like their futuristic approach to property management focusing on tenant experience.

Jasmeet Ghai,

Mortgage agent and Property Owner
It has been an outstanding purchase and one I would not hesitate to recommend to any organization who finds time at a premium and needs to minimize the time it takes to process an application.

Marissa Zuliani,

Property Management Solutions
Tenantcube is a fantastic software platform if you are looking for a solid and sophisticated (and fast!) property management software solution for your rental properties.

Christian Kalb,

Pro3 Properties
From a place to list my property, to a place to direct any interested applicants, to an application process, onboarding a new tenant, providing a lease as well as my additional terms - Tenantcube has been a one-stop-shop that has simplified my life as a new landlord.

Jeremy Albrecht,

Property Owner
Tenantcube’s Expense Tracking feature is going to make everyone's life easy! At the end of the year, I am able to file taxes without having to go back and forth with my clients.

Stefano Di Pietro,

DDL & Co