Free, mobile-based rental applications for your tenants.

Receive, screen and manage rental applications from one place. All your time consuming admin tasks, handled online.

A application is an important first step in getting your dream rental home.
Create a rental application that is beautiful, professional looking and sure the catch the eye of landlords.

Tenantcube rental application

A rental application is the first step in finding your next tenants. It has information about your applicants that will help you understand their lifestyle and forms the basis for a detailed screening, like credit checks, reference checks, background and criminal checks. With the Tenantcube rental application, you can

  • Get comprehensive, clear and detailed applicant information
  • Filter, sort and shortlist applications from the platform
  • Screen, approve or decline applications online

Your tenants will love the Tenantcube application

Tenantcube brings you the ease of performing all tasks relating to rental applications from one place. It also helps your tenants create a 'rental resume' that can be updated and reused for all their future rental requirements.

Free, cloud-based and reusable

Tenant information is securely stored and there is no chance of misplacing or losing them.

Easy to apply with co-applicants

Captures co-applicant information and allows them to collaborate easily in application submission.

Android and iOS apps

Tenants can create, update, submit applications and receive notification on their mobile devices.

3 simple steps to application management

  • Invite applicants with a shareable link
  • Screen, compare and shortlist applications
  • Approve and suggest next steps to tenants