Run a comprehensive credit report on your potential tenants.

A tenant can make or break your rental business. Boost confidence and minimize risk in managing your rental by choosing the right tenant.

Credit check is an important part of tenant screening
Tenantcube credit and background check for tenants gives a detailed report of a potential tenant's financial, criminal and rental history

Reliable background check to protect your property

Running a credit check on potential tenants has become a regular and necessary part of tenant screening. It is the best way to ensure you are renting your investment to the right person. So why stop with just a credit score? The Tenantcube credit report makes it easy for you to verify an applicant's background to make sure they are indeed who they say they are. You get-

  • A credit report to understand your tenant’s financial situation
  • Rental and employment history of the applicant
  • Social media scan and public court record check


Why run a credit report on Tenantcube?

Owning and managing a rental property is a serious business that needs due diligence and control. Choosing the right tenant is without doubt, critical.


Quick report generation

A complete tenant screening report with generated in 5 minutes or less, to help you get to know your potential tenants.


Get substantial information on your tenant's financial well-being while also knowing their employment and rental history.

Simple pricing

Straightforward pricing, no confusing packages or schemes. Get the most affordable background check at $21.99. 

3 steps to run a credit check

  • Create your profile on Tenantcube
  • Use information from tenant application and make payment
  • Receive credit report in your inbox in 5 minutes