Create and sign rental agreements online. Go paper-free!

Sign rental agreements and finalize deals with your tenants- digitally.

A rental agreement finalizes the terms of a lease.
A rental agreement finalizes the terms of a lease. Create a lease agreement online from templates and complete it with e-signatures.

Digital lease agreements on Tenantcube

Digital leases or e-leases are getting popular simply because of how easy it is to draw them from existing templates or to completely create new ones and add signatures online. Tenantcube brings you this savvy feature to help you sign your rental agreements from any device. You can still download, print and file them, if you wanted to!

Here are some more highlights of e-leases

  • Personalized standard rental agreements in minutes
  • Easy collaboration/tracking
  • Effortless process that saves you time

Create and sign e-leases on Tenantcube

Save time and effort in creating rental agreements. Forget data entry, forget scanning and printing documents, trust Tenantcube to draft your leases.


Digitally signed e-leases are as legally binding as paper-based ones with the added advantages of simplicity and ease.

Accessible on any device

E-leases can be signed from anywhere, anytime, and all parties receive a copy once signed.

Time saving

Signing an e-lease does not require both parties to be present, saving time and effort for everyone.

4 simple steps to signing an e-lease

  • Choose a standard template or upload your own lease
  • Add tenant and landlord details automatically from Tenantcube
  • Add any additional and necessary clauses
  • Send e-lease for signature