A property management platform, as intuitive as you.

Not every day is the same in the life of a property manager.

Let Tenantcube take care of the mundane as you focus on finding and retaining great tenants, reducing turnover and simply growing your portfolio.

Transform the way you manage your properties with Tenantcube.

Advertise your property, find great tenants and onboard them in a few simple, hassle-free steps.

Create your rental portfolio

Create an online directory of all your properties with updated information to manage them effortlessly.

List your property

Create an eye-catching and modern listing for your property to attract applicants.

Screen applicants

Make sure you choose the right tenant to hand over the keys to your property.

Onboard tenants

Complete all tenant onboarding steps online, track the progress and safely store documents.

“Tenantcube has made user experience very enjoyable and it’s going to be a game changer.”

Jordan Shaw,

Full Circle Property Groups
At smoothpm.ca we trust Tenantcube because it works best with our brand, using the most modern technologies and best practises that will raise the bar for property management across Canada.

Mathew Toussaint,

Smooth Property Management
I have enjoyed using Tenantcube, the rental application is a real upgrade from any other software. And I am hearing only good things about it from my clients who invested in rental properties as well.

Caterina Ficano,

Real Estate Agent and Property Owner
I am excited to start digital transformation in managing my own properties with Tenantcube. I like their futuristic approach to property management focusing on tenant experience.

Jasmeet Ghai,

Mortgage agent and Property Owner

Create a Listing Microsite

Promote vacant properties in your portfolio with a rental listing microsite with your branding, where potential tenants can view and explore them. Be the property manager that rental investors can trust to close a vacancy the fastest, in any market.

Share your listing page over social media channels or directly with interested renters. Grab attention with photos, videos, floor plans and detailed descriptions, retain focus on your properties for longer, and encourage tenants to apply to your property.

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A simple way to list your rental properties to attract great candidates to find a great tenant.
Create a rental application that is beautiful, professional looking and sure the catch the eye of landlords.

Manage Applications

Tenantcube's online rental application is easy to use, detailed and reusable! Your leads are more likely to send in detailed and complete applications with a simple and interactive as Tenantcube.

Invite applicants to apply your property through a listing, or send a customized link by email. The application captures all relevant details of your prospective tenants, to give you a complete picture. basic and financial information, rental history, references, supporting documents.

Tenantcube offers you more tools to make the process of finding suitable tenants easier. Filter, sort, compare and screen applications by property. You can also shortlist, accept or decline applications right from the platform.

You now have everything you need to find the perfect tenant. That’s your renting decision made easy.

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Find the right tenant

As a property manager you would want to be thorough in performing all possible checks before placing a tenant in one of your clients’ rental investments. You may want to be sure there will not be any trouble in rent payment or taking care of the property.

Understand your applicant’s financial situation, rent payability and trust worthiness, by running a thorough background check. Get to know your tenants beyond just their financial situation. Any flags on their social media or public record on the wrong side of the law, you should know that before you can make a decision. Use the comprehensive application and background check to make sure of a tenant’s reliability.

Rest easy knowing you are renting to the right tenants.

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Manage all applications to your rental from one place.
A rental agreement finalizes the terms of a lease. Create a lease agreement online from templates and complete it with e-signatures.

Create and sign a digital lease agreement

When you manage multiple rental properties, chances are you may be filling more than one vacancy at a time. Creating a rental agreement and getting them signed by all parties is a laborious process, keeping the local standards in mind and making sure nothing gets overlooked.

Signing a rental agreement is the first step of a hopefully long business relationship. It is important to get it right.

Tenantcube brings you a quick and easy way to create and sign lease agreements from anywhere and on any device. Auto-fill details, add additional clauses, send it over to your tenants to sign online.

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Provide a convenient way for tenants to pay rent, deposits or make any transaction.

Manage payments

No more dealing with cash and bank checks or multiple trips to and from the bank. Collect deposits from your tenants using a simple online transaction with credit or debit cards.

Tenantcube offers you a secure and convenient way to collect rental payments, which is a crucial part of your tenant management. Provide your tenants with the ease of paying from anywhere and from any device, to be deposited directly into your account.

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