Focus on where the real money is.

As a realtor, you should focus on buying and selling properties.Let us take care of the pesky little jobs that ensure a steady second stream of income.

A application is an important first step in getting your dream rental home. A application is an important first step in getting your dream rental home.

All you have to do is show up.

Leasing has never been this easy. Here’s where Tenantcube comes in


We’ll promote your clients’ properties

Inform us when your client needs a vacant property filled, and we’ll spring into action. Attractive listings will be created for your clients’ properties, and will be advertised across all major rental websites. This will ensure high visibility to the most qualified rental seekers.

A simple way to list your rental properties to attract great candidates to find a great tenant.
Create a rental application that is beautiful, professional looking and sure the catch the eye of landlords.


Scheduling of property showings

While we’re receiving and sorting through applications, we’ll also manage and coordinate property showings with prospective tenants at your convenience. Receive prior reminders and alerts, and just show up!.


Tenant screening

Credit checks, background checks, rental history checks - we’ll do all this and more. We understand how important it is to thoroughly screen a tenant. The best applications with verified documents will be digitally sent to you for review, and you can choose the right fit for your client.

Manage all applications to your rental from one place.
A rental agreement finalizes the terms of a lease. Create a lease agreement online from templates and complete it with e-signatures.


Lease agreements and onboarding

All the documentation required to onboard a tenant (lease agreement, insurance, etc) will be handled by our expert paralegal team. It will be digitally sent to your client on your behalf for their review and approval. We’ll collect the rent deposit and insurance proof from the tenant, to facilitate a smooth moving-in.

Virtual assistance for your clients, as and when they need it.

Our smart software coupled with our diligent work ethic enables us to perform 80% the work of a property manager, at 20% the cost. We’ll take care of maintenance and repair should your client require it, at a very affordable fee

“Tenantcube has made user experience very enjoyable and it’s going to be a game changer.”

Jordan Shaw,

Full Circle Property Groups
At we trust Tenantcube because it works best with our brand, using the most modern technologies and best practises that will raise the bar for property management across Canada.

Mathew Toussaint,

Smooth Property Management
I have enjoyed using Tenantcube, the rental application is a real upgrade from any other software. And I am hearing only good things about it from my clients who invested in rental properties as well.

Caterina Ficano,

Real Estate Agent and Property Owner
I am excited to start digital transformation in managing my own properties with Tenantcube. I like their futuristic approach to property management focusing on tenant experience.

Jasmeet Ghai,

Mortgage agent and Property Owner

Offer a wider range of services to your clients, with no extra effort.