4 tips to create an attractive property listing

4 tips to create an attractive property listing

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The best way to attract great tenants to your property is to make an online listing showcasing the best features of your rental. But a listing is easy to make and will have to compete with other listings. Below we have summarized a few ways to create a listing that catches the attention of tenants.

Add professionally shot beautiful photos

There are a number of things that are essential to build a great listing that closes the deal with tenants, but none more important than pictures of your property. The first thing anybody browsing for a rental notices is pictures. In fact, Jeff Fromm, the author of three books about Millennial consumers, says millennials spend as much time on listing sites, looking at homes, as they do on other social media sites. 

Your property may have the best location, amenities and best of everything, but it all means nothing if the tenant will not open your listing in the first place. And nothing works better than attractive pictures. Get the right equipment or hire a professional to take bright pictures that show the best aspects of your rental. Make sure you upload pictures of every room- living room, bedrooms, baths, front and back yards and anything else that you think may be the highlights that your tenants would like.

Open with a catchy title

The title of your listing will be the first thing you write and is highlighted. Make sure the most important information is conveyed in it. The most common template is to mention the number of beds, baths and the neighborhood. But if there is a unique feature to your property, try to work it into the title. It could be an updated flooring, renovated kitchen or a large backyard, make sure the tenants notice the most important feature of the property right at the beginning.

The title is also a great way to find the right tenants for your property. While it may not be legal to directly specify the kind of tenants you want with regards to familial status, sex or religion, you can advertise features of your property that may be suitable for some tenants. For example, if you are renting out a single family home, you may want to talk about a quiet neighborhood with schools. If you have a student rental, mention the proximity to universities and colleges. 


The description is where you can give more details about your property. Start with what best describes your property, like “bright and modern”, “upscale”, “great views”. Convey what makes your property desirable, and make it sound warm and welcoming. 

Keep the description short, about 4-6 lines. Highlight what is near the apartment, pet friendliness, the amenities, parking, smoking/non-smoking unit etc., that will help the tenant make a decision and apply to the property. The description may contain details of the screening process and what can be expected in terms of deposits and other charges.

Set the right rent

Make sure you set the right rent for your property and display it prominently on your listing. Consider all factors before setting the rent, like the value of similar properties in the neighborhood, the season the property is going up for rent, the cost of recent renovations if any, and even the rental market.

Be mindful of the rental control laws in the area to determine if your rental value is regulated. A general thumb rule applied to calculate the rent, is that it should be between 0.8% to 1.1% of the property’s total worth. Depending on the property value, you may want to apply this thumb rule or go on the lower side as a very high rent may put off tenants.

Tenantcube provides a great way to create a rental property listing. With its simple interface and easy-to-use features, create an attractive listing in no time!

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