5 great ways to attract more rental applications

5 great ways to attract more rental applications

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Leasing a property these days needs careful planning and perfect orchestration. Just sticking a ‘For Rent’ sign on the front yard isn’t going to rake in the rental applications. You may have listed your property online, but how is it going to stand out from the other thousands of listings?

In a way, leasing is kind of like online dating. The first impression matters a lot, as the initial foundation for a relationship is either built or abandoned. There is no second chance to make a first impression. That is why you must absolutely nail that listing. Here are five ways in which you can do that:

Professional photos

There is no doubt that phones these days have advanced cameras. But we still suggest hiring a professional photographer who specialises in shooting interiors. Make sure they cover as many angles as possible, in good lighting. You can capture some truly magical photos during the sunset, just to show a different perspective to potential tenants. Remember - you can never upload too many photos. People in search of a house usually crave for details that’ll make it feel more like home. Expect the rental applications to flow in! The Tenantcube platform lets you upload unlimited photos when you’re adding a property.

3D house plan

Investing in an architect to build a 3D house plan of your property can make it easier to convince prospective renters who aren’t able to travel for a showing. Alternatively, a good quality video tour of the house would also help. Rental applications from potential renters who live a long distance away can be made a possibility. Tenantcube has an option to attach a video to a listing as well.

Trigger the imagination

Before taking photos, stage your property in such a manner that prospective tenants can see the possibilities of that space. Remove all clutter, including personal pictures. Keep it clean and minimal, and allow tenants to envision their belongings in your property.

Take time to write the perfect description

The first part of your rental description should mention the unique features of your property. You can choose to highlight whatever makes your property more appealing. For example - bay views, private yard, hardwood floors, private pool, etc. Throw in a couple of adjectives that paint a nice picture of your property - charming, spacious, well-lit, cozy, private, etc. Mention all the basic features and amenities, along with the rent upfront. You can also talk about the neighborhood, and the ‘walkability’ factor to schools, supermarkets, and public transport hubs. This is important to a lot of millennials worried about their green footprint. This would definitely lead to a lot of rental applications from Gen Z. 

Ad Syndication

Finally, putting a lot of effort into the above steps wouldn’t mean much if your property isn’t exposed to a wide network of rental-seekers. There are several websites like Facebook Marketplace, Rentable, Zumper, etc that allow you to promote your vacancy to their audience. Creating a profile on each website and listing your property is stressful and time consuming. Tenantcube offers a cool feature where you can promote your listing simultaneously across all major rental websites, with just one click. Check it out.

With these proven tips in hand, you are well-equipped to create a great listing for your property that really pops out. Tenantcube is happy to help you every step of the way as our growing customer base of happy landlords would attest to.

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